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Interview Training 101

Interview training designed to empower you and your team with the tools and techniques necessary to build a strong, talented workforce. We prioritise honing the skills of hiring managers and teams, equipping them with the expertise needed to conduct effective interviews and identify the best candidates for their organisations.

We offer in-depth guidance on developing interview strategies, designing targeted questions, and assessing candidate responses. We also focus on enhancing the ability to evaluate soft skills, such as communication, teamwork, and problem-solving, ensuring a well-rounded assessment of each applicant.

Diversity and Inclusion 101

Through sessions on unconscious bias awareness, inclusive leadership, communication, and team building, participants gain the skills to promote diversity, mitigate bias, and drive innovation. This program also emphasises the benefits of diverse perspectives, the importance of addressing micro-aggressions, and methods for measuring and sustaining diversity and inclusion efforts. By attending "Diversity and Inclusion 101," organisations can cultivate an inclusive workplace that celebrates differences and unlocks the full potential of their teams.

Employer Branding 101

By understanding the significance of employer branding, defining the employer value proposition (EVP), and creating a compelling brand story, organisations can differentiate themselves in the job market and cultivate a positive reputation. Through the exploration of various branding channels, employee advocacy, and effective measurement techniques, participants will gain practical insights to enhance their employer brand and boost employee engagement.

Employee Onboarding 101

We work closely with organisations to develop tailored onboarding programs that align with their unique company culture, values, and objectives. Through a collaborative process, we identify key milestones, objectives, and deliverables, ensuring that new employees feel welcomed, supported, and prepared for their roles from day one.

Our program covers a wide range of areas, including company orientation, role-specific training, introductions to key team members, and an overview of company policies and procedures.

Onboarding can enhance retention, accelerate time-to-productivity, and cultivate a positive and inclusive work environment that promotes long-term employee satisfaction and growth. 

Management Training 101

Our Management Training offers a range of essential topics to develop effective leaders. Participants gain skills in decision making, conflict management, innovative management thinking, motivating others, risk management, and effective performance in the workplace.

They learn techniques to enhance decision-making processes, handle conflicts constructively, foster a culture of innovation, motivate and engage team members, mitigate risks, and optimise performance.

By equipping managers with these vital skills, organisations can foster a positive and productive work environment, make informed decisions, drive innovation, and achieve optimal performance.

Internal Communication 101

Our Internal Communication Program is designed to assist organisations in establishing robust and effective communication channels within their internal ecosystem.

Our program encompass a variety of channels, including email newsletters, intranets, collaboration platforms, town hall meetings, and team huddles, ensuring a multi-faceted and inclusive communication approach. We also provide guidance on crafting compelling and impactful messages, developing consistent brand messaging, and implementing feedback mechanisms to ensure effective two-way communication.

Internal Policy 101

Our Internal Policy 101 is designed to assist organisations in crafting comprehensive and ethical guidelines that govern their operations. 

We collaborate closely with clients to develop a customised Internal Policies that align with their specific industry, values, and legal requirements. We conduct thorough research and analysis to identify key areas of focus, such as employee conduct, professional ethics, data privacy, environmental sustainability, and customer relations.

Our service includes the drafting of clear and concise policies, guidelines, and procedures, as well as the development of training materials and communication strategies to facilitate understanding and implementation. 

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