Hi there! It's great to meet you, and thanks for dropping by.

Who am I?

My name is Luke Cassidy. Originally from the mighty Irish midlands and currently splitting my time between Ireland and the beautiful East Coast of Canada, with my wife, our two cats and new Dalmatian puppy. I'm the eldest of four (which gave me ample opportunity to flex my HR skills before I even knew what HR was!) and a sweet tooth that I am constantly trying to keep in check.

Outside of the tech and talent space I am passionate about mental health and fitness, creative writing, education and sports (although hockey is taking a while to catch my imagination).

Why Careers with Luke?

I got lucky. I found the right job at the right time and it changed the course of my career. I was at a crossroads and I stumbled into the right path.

I saw first hand the impact great people have on organisations and want to help more companies find talent that will help them achieve their missions and goals.

What's my background?

I have a Masters in Digital Media, and an undergraduate degree in English and IT from the University of Galway. I hold a Diploma in Human Resources Management from the Fitzwilliam Institute and the Institute of Commercial Management, graduating with a Distinction.

During my masters I received a scholarship to lead the regional Click and Connect learning program, partnering with AgeAction Ireland to design classes to help up skill the digitally disadvantaged. My masters thesis focused on e-Learning and it's potential impact in how future education was delivered.

I interned at the Galway International Arts Festival while finishing up my Masters, focusing on digital marketing (content, growth, SEO and social), before jumping further into the world of Digital Marketing and eCommerce space.

Eventually I made my way into a company called Shopify, joining as one of the first 20 people on the ground in Ireland in 2015. Having transitioning into a leadership role within our Support organisation, I pivoted into the Talent space as the the first recruiter in Ireland (and Europe) for Shopify. 

This role led me to hiring roles across the Tech, Talent and Commercial space, ranging from entry level customer support roles to senior Directors and VPs. I have been fortunate to experience hiring across five different continents and over fifteen countries in that time.

I acted as a true Talent Partner during that time, leaning into various projects around employer branding, performance management, onboarding, internal communications, workforce planning and much more.

I am excited to offer my experience and expertise to any individuals and businesses looking to make the next step, whether that's finding your next great hire, setting up and scaling your talent processes or attracting your dream job.

Let's connect today and see how I can help you or your business!

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