Full Cycle Recruitment: UX Manager for eCommerce Design Agency

We were delighted to partner with a leading eCommerce Design Agency in their search for a UX Manager to join the team!

What They Said:

"Huge level of appreciation of great it was to work with you and for sourcing the candidates you did! Extremely happy with the additions!"
Marcus S, CEO

About the Search

Intake Meeting:

Working closely with the CEO, we ran a thorough intake process to ensure that we had a clear idea of what the team was looking for and what they didn't want.

On top of that, our team made sure to understand the culture of the company, what they valued as a team and what success would look like for the new hire.

About the Role:

The role plays a crucial role in designing world-leading ecommerce themes for a broad base of online stores and merchant levels.

They will also oversee the maintenance and enhancement of the existing catalogue from a design perspective based on user feedback, browser technologies, and device types.

There is also continual design work in relation to branded assets and various channel content creation.


Once we had a good idea of what they needed, we got to work.

This was a really interesting role, the team needing an experienced designer, as well as someone who was passionate about design leadership and process, while having a bit of a background in ecommerce.

Our team went to market and contacted over talented individuals from our deep ecommerce and remote network across Ireland and the United Kingdom. On top of this, we proactively sourced over 100 profiles of talented designers that were a good match for the job requirements. 


After gathering our long list of high potential candidates, our team put each candidate through an initial assessment to ensure alignment with team culture, as well a deeper dive into their previous work experience. 

After this initial assessment, we connected the top candidates with the team directly to initiate the shortlist process.


After a successful round of shortlist interviews, our candidate was selected as the top choice. Supporting the team, the offer process was pretty straightforward and the candidate was delighted to accept!


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