The beauty of in-person hiring events for remote teams

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If you are reading this and connected with me on LinkedIn, you are probably sick of recent updates about upcoming hiring events we are hosting in Galway. I totally understand so please, I warn you, do not read on because I'll be mentioning hiring events a lot in the next few paragraphs!

One of the big challenges with a remote team is trying to stay connected as we continue to grow. We have hired over 20 people this year, all remotely, the majority of whom reside in Galway county. We have grow substantially since I joined in summer of 2015, once a team of 50 is now 120+. This larger number creates unique and exciting opportunities and challenges.

So why in-person hiring events for a remote role? It's a question I've been asking myself over the last couple of days. Here are a couple of suggestions as to why we are finding the benefits of hiring events when hiring for our team.

The real story directly from the source

This may seem like an obvious thing, but getting the opportunity to ask Gurus questions about the role, what they love, what they hate, what it's really like is fantastic for people interested in the role. Even though I was a Guru myself, I find it means a lot more to people to hear it from the team they would be joining.

The event is mandatory... NOT

Our team is very engaged and invested in helping build for the future. It cannot be stressed how important this is. Everyone turns up to these events wanting to talk about the role, the company and life in general! That makes a big difference. It's not compulsory to go. You're not forced. You get a genuine sense of our culture because of this, another appealing aspect for potential candidates.

The social aspect for our team

Being remote can be tough. It's totally different to working in an office and having people around you all the time. Most of the connection with your team is through pings on Slack or team meetings through Google Hangouts. Our team has managed to maintain a great sense of togetherness and community despite those differences. When I mention this to candidates, they usually look at me like I'm confused. "You're actually closer to your squad then you might be in an office situation"... yeah, good one Luke.

But it's true! The proof as always is in the pudding, and these events help to showcase how close our team actually is, outside of work.

Home is where the heart is!

One of the things we are passionate about is creating a central hub of people in Galway. This is important as we scale to have roots somewhere. It is part of our identity. Our home is Galway. We are continuing to look for opportunities to help out in the local community. One easy way to do this is by bringing business to local bars, coffee shops and restaurants. Our social team is great at using the unique venues Galway offers for our own social occasions - our hiring events aim to do the same.


We are experimenting with different aspects of social events and hiring, definitely not experts at them moment by any means, but don't let the fear of failing stop you from taking risks and trying new things. Any thoughts, questions or comments are greatly appreciated as always! And if there is a hiring event on near you soon feel free to pop in - I'll be the guy in the Shopify hoodie most likely!

Luke out.


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