CV + LinkedIn Profile Revamp

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LinkedIn is the world's largest professional networking platform, and having a strong profile is essential for your career success.

What is it?

We will work with you to craft a customised Resume and LinkedIn profile that highlights your strengths and communicates your value to prospective employers. We'll help you identify your unique selling points, write a strong opening statement, and showcase your relevant skills and achievements.

We will also offer guidance on how best to edit and customise the cover letter for specific jobs in the future also.

Who is it for?

The LinkedIn Revamp service works is tailored for people with clarity on the type of role or industry they would like to build a career in. The reason for this is that our service tailors your profile using a variety of keyword analysis, industry insights and profile optimisation techniques. 

(If you are not clear on what type of role or industry you are aiming for, please check out some of the other services (or free resources) to see if I can help in any way).

Why it is useful? 

A LinkedIn profile can help you connect with other professionals in your industry, showcase your skills and experience, and increase your visibility to potential employers.

By working with a LinkedIn profile building service, you can optimise your profile to attract more job offers and advance your career.

What you can expect?

Intro Survey: A intro survey to learn more about you, your experience to date and your goals.

Document with Updated Content: Once we gather all the information, we will share a document with a LinkedIn summary, optimised job titles and job summaries as well as interests or skills where applicable.  The profiles are crafted drawing on our industry insights and experience, as well as our background of Digital Media, SEO and Content Marketing.  

The more information you can provide over the intro survey and subsequent interactions the better we can revamp your LinkedIn profile.